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How to Enroll for iSucceed Virtual High School

By August 18, 2015 Student Community

Welcome, soon to be iSucceed students! Getting enrolled with iSucceed Virtual High School is easy! Watch the video or follow these three simple steps to fill out your application and get started in your classes.

Step 1: Contact Info

First, you will need to submit a quick application asking basic information such as your name, email and phone number. To do so, head to www.isucceedvhs.net/enroll, fill out your information and click submit. You will see a thank you message pop up on your screen.

Step 2: Talk With an Advisor

Once you’ve submitted your application, an enrollment advisor will contact you within one business day. If you do not hear from them within that timeframe, go ahead and give them a call at 208.908.6250.

Your enrollment advisor will email you another application to fill out, with simple questions all about you. Be sure to fill it out to the best of your abilities, and then submit.

Step 3: Enrolling

If you’ve made it to this step, congratulations; you’ve finished your application! Enrolling is just as simple, and your enrollment advisor will be there to help you every step of the way. In order to enroll with iSucceed, you will need to send us a copy of a few important documents seen in the image below.


Once you have submitted these documents, and sent in anything your enrollment advisor requests, you will be all set to get started at iSucceed!

Don’t forget, once you’ve finished enrolling, you can fill out an application to get a school provided laptop free of charge while you’re at iSucceed!

Classes start August 24, so be sure to finish enrolling by August 21. For any questions, you can email Candise Cole at [email protected].

Good luck and we look forward to working you this fall!

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  • Avatar Karriema says:

    Is it too late to enroll

    • iSucceed iSucceed says:

      Hi, Karriema. Not too late to enroll! 🙂 Our next quarter starts October 30. You can get started on enrolling here, or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

      • Avatar Ralph r schenk says:

        Where is virtual high school or is this a classic I can get my granddaughter into she’s had emotional distress bullying in school she’s 16 yrs old and she refuses to try and go back to high school and start put as a freshman again what can we do

        • iSucceed iSucceed says:

          Hi, Ralph. “Virtual” high school is wherever you are. 🙂 Your granddaughter would log into courses online through a computer, and chat with teachers/students over the phone, email or online messaging. This could be a great option for your granddaughter as she can study at home, while meeting friends in a safe, inviting way. You can learn more or get started at ChooseiSucceed.com/Enroll or give us a call at 208.908.6250 and we will be happy to answer your questions!

  • Avatar Alexander says:

    I am a 11th grader I’m high school but this year my grades are terrible and i want to find a way to bring my grades up and also to graduate in time to get my high school diploma would this be able to help me????

  • Avatar yaretzy says:

    i’m a senior right now and the past years i was bad in school and now i’m really trying to make up all my credits i really want to be able to graduate. is this a school i have to attend? or is this only online only?

    • iSucceed iSucceed says:

      Hi, Yaretzy. Yes, we are a full-time, online only school. A lot of our students come to us behind on credits and successfully catch up to graduate. If you’re under 22 and an Idaho, resident, we’d love to help you out. 🙂 You can get more info by filling out the form at ChooseiSucceed.com/Enroll.

    • Avatar Kuango katokula filise says:

      Hello, I was wondering why this only works in Idaho, like can it help in other states?

      • iSucceed iSucceed says:

        Hi, Kuango. Because we are a public charter school in Idaho, we are only able to serve Idaho students. We might be able to provide you some recommendations, depending where you live?

  • Avatar Kamille Flanagan says:

    I’m an 11th grader and I’d just like to know is it to late to apply?

    • iSucceed iSucceed says:

      Hi, Kamille. It’s certainly not too late to enroll with iSucceed. 🙂 Our next quarter starts on January 22. You can get started here or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

      • Avatar Dreco Montero says:

        Hi, I’m a junior and next I won’t be going to senior year because of my grades this year i don’t know if you’ll be able to help me graduate on time if you are able to I would really like to know

  • Avatar Juliana fenk says:

    I’m in the 11th grade and i only have 5 credits is it too late to apply

  • Avatar Breanna Meigs says:

    Hi, I was wondering this year I was suppose to graduate but three months into the year I had to withdraw do to family issues. I was wondering what to do to still graduate with out the high school environment??

    • iSucceed iSucceed says:

      Hi, Breanna. Sounds like iSucceed could be a great option for you. 🙂 You can earn your diploma from home with iSucceed. If you are an Idaho resident and under 21, you can apply here or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  • Avatar Jayaunna says:

    I dropped out of school about 6 years ago. I have 18 credits from my old school. Can I get them through your program? How long would it take me?

    • iSucceed iSucceed says:

      Hi, Jayunna. We’d love to help you earn your high school diploma. 🙂 If you are under 21 and an Idaho resident, you’re a great candidate for iSucceed! You can apply here or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  • Avatar Mai Bla says:

    I am a senior and school is ending in 2 months for me, I’ve been failing really bad and I need help to catch up to graduate, will I still be able to catch up with Isucceed

  • Avatar Sherri says:

    Do these credits go towards Paradise Valley School district High Schools?

  • Avatar Mateo Landaverde says:

    Hi, I’m a 10th Fraser suppose to be an 11th grader, I failed the whole 10th grade and I want to graduate in time could this be a solution, I love in Arizona, could this be an option?

  • Avatar smooth says:

    hello, so i failed math 9, English 9, earth science, algebra 1 and i’m a junior some of my teacher’s told me that i won’t graduate on time so what should i do.

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