School Board

The members of the iSucceed School Board represent community parents, business, education, nonprofits, law and innovation throughout Idaho.  iSucceed Virtual Schools, Inc. was founded in 2008 by a group of caring, concerned parents and community members that came together to provide an alternative to traditional public schools. They had a vision to create opportunities available to all Idaho high school-aged students to achieve a high school diploma online; including under-served, minority, at-risk and students throughout the state of Idaho but also being able to support any student that needs an online environment.

In addition, the school has grown their programs and outreach to provide a quality education experience to meet students unique circumstances and needs. Since that time, iSucceed Board members are still dedicated to the mission and vision of the school to provide quality, individualized education to our students.  

Board of Directors

  • Dionicio ‘Don’ Peña – Board Chair and Founder
  • Petra Jauregui – Board Co-Chair
  • Tina McDonald – Treasurer
  • Amanda Leader – Secretary
  • CD Breshears – Board Member

In Memory

  • Zerelda ‘Zee’ Quintana
  • Jeff Tunison

PSCS Annual Reports

2015-2016 PCSC Annual Report, 2016-2017 PCSC Annual Report, 2017-2018 PCSC Annual Report, 2018-2019 PCSC Annual Report  Most recent annual reports can now be found on the PCSC website:

ESSER II/III Required Documents

LEA ARP ESSER Use of Funds Plan
Safe Return to In Person Instruction Checklist (please note iSucceed Virtual Schools are full-time online charter schools and the checklist reflects this designation)
Safe Return to In Person Instruction / Continuity of Service Plan (please note iSucceed Virtual Schools are full-time online charter schools and the plan reflects this designation and structure)