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iSucceed is Idaho’s online public high school! We’re 100% online, 100% free and 100% about the students and their families. At our school, students get flexibility and freedom to balance accredited coursework with lifestyle commitments.

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What Our Students are Saying

I am grateful to all the teachers because they really care to help and are always very happy to help. It’s really easy to talk to the teacher with anything you are not understanding and need help.

Esther SanchezStudent

My son has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. What an incredible difference iSucceed has made! The teachers and his counselor communicate regularly, and I feel like we are a team. He is doing much better in school and his confidence has improved greatly! Our home is simply happier now.


My favorite thing about iSucceed was the flexibility of the schedule, because I was really into piano and really into music but didn’t necessarily have the time do that when I was in a brick and mortar school.

Matthew2012 Salutatorian

I did what I thought I couldn’t do… I graduated from high school! If it wasn’t for iSucceed being there throughout my struggles, I would have received a GED instead of an Idaho diploma.


“To me, the greatest benefit has definitely been the flexible schedule. Thanks to iSucced, I’ve been able to receive a proper education, and be a competitive surfer at the same time. The constant interaction with teachers and comments posted by students also makes it feel more like if we were in a real classroom. I don’t feel like I’m alone in the process, and at any moment, if I need help, I know I can reach out to my teacher, who by now I feel like I know personally.

Camila SummersFormer Student